Diana, 19

Hi you 🙂 I am Diana and will soon be 19.

I would like to use the money to finance my driver’s license.

I am very sexually open-minded and I think I was pretty precocious 🙂 .

It makes me really horny when I know that guys smell my panties and are aroused by them. I really have a sweet pussy and you will also get a picture. And then you can do with it what you want. I wear my panties of course also the whole night and will rub the panties still nice in my little wet column 🙂

A sweet smack for you

Your Didi

89,00 169,00 

For my special days, the delivery can take up to 30 days 🙂

Your package contains:
  • Panties, worn 24 hours for you (vacuum packed)

  • Lollipop sucked by me
  • Handkerchief with a kiss from me 🙂
  • personal letter for you
  • Photo of my wet pussy
  • Reorder discount code 15%

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